Omega Radio Network

Omega Radio Network gathers renowned Christian radio hosts, ministers and prophets who interpret the latest news and end times events through a biblical lens.

Your hosts and watchmen

We are servants of the Lord who have crossed the line. We have made the decision to go all the way with the Lord and to believe every promise of His. We believe that there is a church remnant  that has entered into a new day  to prepare for the return of our Lord through devotion to the King.

Pastor Vincent Xavier

Pastor Vincent and his wife, Patricia, are leaders of New Wine Ministry in Northwest Arkansas. Vincent has traveled globally sharing the inspired, prophetic word of God at conferences and over the airwaves for more than 20 years. If you are ever in Arkansas, please join us for one of our services or bible studies. Learn more by going to nwmglobal.org. You can connect with Vincent directly at (858) 864-8712 or at vxavier777@gmail.com