Line Up

6:00 AM The Last Patrol with Ted Marshall

7:00 AM In the Morning with Sandy Rios

8:00 AM Deliverance Round Table with Patricia Xavier

9:00 AM The Watchmen with Vincent Xavier

10:00 AM Deliverance Live with Patricia Xavier

10:30 PK's Corner with Ken Wagner

11:00 AM Wings of the Eagle with Christopher Mantei

12:00 PM Prophecy Simplifed with Jake McCandless

1:00 PM Focal Point with Bryan Fischer

2:00 PM The Watchmen Replay

3:00 PM ACLJ with Jay Sekulow

4:00 PM TruNews with Rick Wiles

5:00 PM As HE Leads with Bob Hagen

6:00 PM Wings of Prophecy with Glynda Lomax

7:00 PM The Watchmen Replay

8PM - 5AM Rebroadcasts of the days lineup